A better world, a different world...

We bring bold, thought provoking and imaginative theatre to British stages, placing British East Asian actors, writers and directors at the heart of our work.


Lighting flames in the minds of our young audiences

Through productions for families and work in schools and museums we aim to inspire a love of story and theatre in young audiences, provide cultural affirmation for our children, and share our rich cultural heritage with people from all backgrounds.


Delivering top quality Chinese and East Asian arts and culture workshops


Creating tailor made projects for schools, community and heritage organisations


Working with museums to dramatise their collections and exhibitions


Bringing on the next generation

Through our established acting and writing programmes we are identifying and developing the next generation of talented BEA actors, writers and directors.


A FREE short summer course of drama school training with theatre professionals.


A creative research space to develop high quality new work


Illuminating and celebrating achievements

We work to raise the profile of British East Asians in the theatre industry, to give opportunities through bursaries and competitions and to shine a spotlight on talent wherever it may be found

Constellation Creatives Bursary

Award by Yellow Earth provided by Orion Lee

Designed to encourage and promote greater participation and representation of East Asian actors on stage and screen. The bursary will ease the pathway for a British East Asian graduating student to professional actor by providing £1,000 towards Spotlight fees, headshots and similar expenses. The bursary is awarded annually to the most promising BEA final year acting student at on of the UK’s accredited drama schools Logos; Spotlight, DramaUK and Regent’s University.

Norman Beaton Fellowship

Award by BBC Radio to professional actors

awarded annually by BBC Radio to a professional actor who has come to acting via a non -traditional route. Yellow Earth is one of 8 companies nationwide chosen to work with Radio Drama to select and put forward suitable candidates. NBF 2015 resulted in 2 finalists and 1 overall winner; Leo Wan.

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