Typhoon Festival 2007

Typhoon Festival 2007

Typhoon Festival 2007

October, 2007

Typhoon is Yellow Earth’s international East Asian playreading festival, and the Typhoon Live tour brings this double bill to UK audiences for the first time, performed in English.

by Yi Kang-baek (South Korea)
Directed by Philippe Cherbonnier

A young swindler is looking for love. He has borrowed a big house for the weekend, a suit for the day and he might ask you for a cigarette. When a charming, innocent woman enters, will they find love before the grim butler lurking in the shadows calls time?

A light-hearted, surreal fable from South Korea’s Daesan Award winner.

by Elangovan (Singapore)
Directed by Kwong Loke

A savagely funny play about the end of love, when a woman pampers her dog rather than her loser of a husband.
Racing through the humid night air, this rollercoaster of resentment, disappointment and hatred is full of foul-mouthed humour, with a dark and disturbing ending.

From Singapore’s International Award and South-East Asian Writer¹s Award winner.

There was a SPECIAL GALA Performance on Tuesday 9th October, with admission including buffet, drinks and after-show reception to meet the Cast and Directors, Embassy officials and the Yellow Earth team. Sponsored by the South Korean Embassy.