Typhoon Festival 2004

Typhoon Festival 2004

Typhoon Festival 2004

June, 2004

Yellow Earth’s unique annual playreading festival is back once again promoting the best of contemporary East Asian drama. An exciting opportunity to encounter fresh, new work by East Asian playwrights from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, China, Indonesia and the U.S.A. Home grown UK talent will come from our very own Yellow Ink new writing initiative.

Plays are selected from submissions from all over the world and a rehearsed reading of each play will be presented over the course of the week at Soho Theatre in London. From abstract to realistic, from mystery to fairy tale, the range and style of the selection of plays offer a feast of discovery for all theatre lovers.

The festival brings together theatre practitioners of different cultural backgrounds to celebrate diversity with an unforgettable project bridging the theatre of East and West.

Play Information:

FRIENDS by Kobo Abe, directed by David K.S. Tse (YET)
Monday 7th June (Japan)
A quirky and surreal play about what happens when a group of strangers barge into your flat and settle down claiming that no one can be without a family.

FUGITIVES by Gao Xingjian, directed by Indhu Rubasingham
Tuesday 8th June (China)
A woman and two men seek refuge in a warehouse during the Tiananmen Square massacre. A chilling sense of fear and death pervades this stylised piece by the Nobel laureate.

EYES OF THE HEART by Catherine Filloux, directed by Karena Johnson (Kushite)
Wednesday 9th June (USA)
A doctor researches the psychosomatic disorder of a woman who has gone blind from having seen too many atrocities during the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror. The play also addresses diaspora issues of the younger generation through the clash between American and Cambodian cultures.

THE STRUGGLE OF THE NAGA TRIBE by W.S Rendra, directed byPhilippe Cherbonnier
Thursday 10th June (Indonesia)
There are Brechtian overtones to this story of the Naga tribe’s struggle against central government and big business – witty, rhythmical and fresh, this piece landed its author in jail.

THE SEMINAR: East Asian Drama on the Map
How can we improve the dialogue between British theatre and East Asian dramatists?
Friday 11 June
Chair: Shabina Aslam (BBC Radio Drama)
Panel: Laura Gribble (Royal National Theatre), Nina Steiger (Soho Theatre), David K.S. Tse (YET)

CHINESE PARTY by Andy Cheung, directed by John McGrath(Contact Theatre, Manchester)
Friday 11th June (Yellow Ink, UK)
Calvin organises a Chinese party in a prestigious West End club. This is a make or break situation especially since the press is reviewing the event. So what is to be done with Tiny, a close friend with a history of violence? An energetic and poignant look at British Chinese youth culture.

YELLOW MEN by Benjamin Yeoh, directed by Ben Payne(Birmingham Rep)
Friday 11th June (Yellow Ink, UK)
What would you say, if you could speak to your childhood self? The night old Tommy Lee is dying, he gets a chance to speak to his younger self, but can he change the 20 year old Tommy Lee and alter his destiny?

SHOPPING WITH ANG by Suet Lee Tan, directed by Kwong Loke(YET)
Saturday 12th June (Singapore)
A short heart-warming look at the disappearing tradition of market shopping being replaced by the anonymity of the supermarket barcode.

DOGS by Elangovan, directed by Kwong Loke (YET)
Saturday 12th June (Singapore)
A dialogue between husband and wife which reveals the greater picture of a chaotic and nasty society. Violent, nihilistic and moving – not for the faint hearted.