Typhoon Festival 2008

Typhoon Festival 2008

Typhoon Festival 2008

November, 2008

T5 sees the exciting world premieres of our first Yellow Voices initiative, during which Yellow Earth mentored three writers over one year, in partnership with Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Soho Theatre and the Young Vic. T5 also includes work from Japan, Singapore and the USA, and one of these six new plays will tour next year.

Play Information:

A Dream of Red Pavilions adapted by Jeremy Tiang (Yellow Voices, UK)
Director: Jonathan Man
Monday 3rd November, 7pm
Based upon Cao Xueqin’s classic 18th century Chinese novel about the rise and fall of the aristocratic Jia family, this is the tragic love story of two beings from the spirit world born to experience the fullness of life.

Boom by Jean Tay (Singapore)
Director: Philippe Cherbonnier
Tuesday 4th November, 7pm
The living and the dead jostle for space as the economy booms and development runs riot. An old woman who refuses to move battles her estate agent son, while a psychic civil servant has problems persuading a stubborn corpse to relocate.

Forty Minutes from the Back by Seigo Hatasawa, translated byTsuyoshi Kondo (Japan)
Director: Kazuko Hohki
Wednesday 5th November, 7pm
On a dark night, a mysterious stranger checks into a remote spa hotel overlooking a cliff top. He orders an expensive meal, a massage, and waits impatiently for his double suicide date. A moving story of despair, connection and hope.

wAve by Sung Rno (USA)
Director: Kwong Loke
Thursday 6th November, 7pm
Loosely inspired by the Medea myth, this dysfunctional love story veers from madcap farce to tragedy as one isolated Korean immigrant collides with the illusions of the American dream.

Yellow Voices in the UK seminar
Friday 7th November, 4.30pm
The recent rise in British East Asian theatre activity heralds an exciting era for the diversity of British theatre. New and established artists discuss practical ways of asserting and creating their vision in a sometimes monolithic culture.

Speakers include Kazuko Hohki (artist, Evidence for the Existence of Borrowers) Shan Ng (director, Pilgrimage of the Heart, Corax Productions) Benjamin Yeoh (writer, Nakamitsu) and Lisa Goldman(artistic director, Soho Theatre)
Chaired by David TSE Ka-Shing (artistic director, Yellow Earth)

Pathological Happiness by Kazuko Hohki (Yellow Voices, UK)
Director: Adjjima Na Patalung
Friday 7th November, 7pm
Alone in her lab, a Japanese pathologist Maiko encounters a talking cell which declares its love for her. A naked man, cloned from the same cell, steps out from the incubator and an unusual love triangle begins.

Keeping up with the Wongs by Andy Cheung (Yellow Voices, UK)
Director: David TSE Ka-Shing
Saturday 8th November, 7pm
In Walthamstow, the British Wongs hatch a desperate plan to outdo their new neighbours from mainland China, but will success prove to be their ultimate downfall? A contemporary social satire of one-upmanship where nobody wins.

Yellow Voices is in partnership with Birmingham Rep, Soho Theatre and the Young Vic.
Boom was first developed as part of the Royal Court Theatre’s International Residency in 2007.