Typhoon Festival 2005

Typhoon Festival 2005

Typhoon Festival 2005

May, 2005

Yellow Earth Theatre presented its fourth Typhoon festival. This week is an important and unique event in British theatre, designed to promote the best of contemporary East Asian drama through playreadings directed by distinguished guest directors.

To date, Typhoon has showcased work from new and established writers across 10 East Asian countries. T4 presents work this year from Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea and from our own Yellow Ink initiative, which nurtures young British East Asian writers.

David KS Tse, Artistic Director
Philippe Cherbonnier, Literary Associate

Play Information:

SICK by Betsuyaku Minoru (Japan)
Directed by Jon Lloyd (Associate Director, Soho Theatre)
Tuesday 17th May
A reluctant nurse is sick of the sick, and there’s a shoe-thief on the loose in this absurd surrealist comedy.

Directed by Kristine Langdon-Smith (Artistic Director, Tamasha Theatre)
Wednesday 18th May
On the eve of his only daughter’s wedding, a tiger-hunter is in pursuit of a man-eater, but sometimes the greatest danger is in the last place we look.

THE FACE OF JIZO by Hisashi Inoue (Japan)
Directed by Philippe Cherbonnier (YET Literary Manager and Freelance Director)
Thursday 19th May
Mitsue grapples with guilt at surviving Hiroshima when unexpectedly, her father returns, encouraging her to marry. Whether she can lay her ghosts to rest forms the heart of this postwar Japanese masterpiece.

Friday 20th May
How can we improve the dialogue between British theatre and East Asian dramatists?
Chair: Philippe Cherbonnier (YET Literary Manager)
Panel: Richard Shannon (Polka Theatre for Children), Ben Jancovich (Royal National Theatre), David K.S. Tse (Yellow Earth Theatre).
Seminar themes:
1. When was the last time you saw an East Asian play? What about East Asian films, or novels?
2. Is the adaptation of East Asian work into West End/Hollywood/TV scripts, with big name Western actors,
the only way to bring this kind of writing into the mainstream?
3. Whose responsibility is it to promote this work to wider audiences?

O CHANG-GUN’S TOENAIL by Park Joh-Yeol (Korea)
Directed by Kwong Loke (Associate Director, Yellow Earth Theatre)
Friday 20th May
O Chang-gun is a simple farmer who knows only the cows and the trees, until he is conscripted into the Korean army and enters a farcical world of lies and cowardice. An anti-war fairy tale from one of Korea’s foremost dramatists.

NINE DRAGON DRUMS by Li Yan (Yellow Ink, UK)
Directed by Richard Shannon (Associate Director, Polka Theatre for Children)
Saturday 21st May
The King of the Dragons has fallen to earth, old and grey and with no fire in his belly. As he tells his story to a cheeky crab an unlikely friendship blossoms. A charming counting story for children by Li Yan, a member of the Yellow Ink writers’ group.

INUGAMI by Shuji Terayama (Japan)
Directed by Richard Shannon (Associate Director, Polka Theatre for Children)
Saturday 21st May
The lyrical and disturbing folk legend of Tsukio the Dog-Boy seeking acceptance in ancient Japan. One of Japan’s most prolific artists tackles some of humanity’s most deeply rooted taboos.

THE BIG PURGE by Kee Thuan Chye (Malaysia)
Directed by Paulette Randall (Theatre Director and Producer)
Saturday 21st May
A politicised satire dealing with racism in Malaysia. “He who ate the chilli knows how hot it is!”