The Whisper of a Leaf Falling

September, 1998
Written and Directed by Philippe Cherbonnier (1998)

Journey of enlightenment to hell and back, where commedia meets Beijing Opera.

On the morning of the 9th moon, Teng Mu, a young scholar, sets off to climb Mount Omei but his journey takes him much further than the lonely pine on the summit.

A drunken shadow spirit leads him on an enlightening trip to the Taoist underworld, where a terrible secret lies buried in the tortured soul of his wife.

Commedia meets Beijing Opera style in a strong piece of stylised storytelling.



September, 1998

Writer & Director Philippe Cherbonnier


"Hugely enjoyable show from a talented company" "Few can beat Yellow Earth when it comes to sheer physical dexterity"

Total Theatre

"Formidably expressive... captivating"

Time Out


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