October, 2001
By Philippe Cherbonnier (after Akutagawa)

The thief, the wife and the lover: the theft, the rape and the murder. But who did what, and to whom? Do you believe the living or the dead?

Inspired by Kurosawa’s film and Akutagawa’s original story, Yellow Earth’s production of this classic Japanese “whodunnit” is a dynamic modern version, combining the company’s own brand of martial arts physical theatre with Kazuko Hohki’s unique musical style, celebrating Japan 2001.



October, 2001

Writer Philippe Cherbonnier (after Akutagawa)
Cast Kazuko Hohki, Kwong Loke, Liz Sutherland, David Tse, Tom Wu
Directors Kwong Loke, Kumiko Mendl and David Tse
Composer Clive Bell
Narrator Kozuko Hohki


'... dynamic...' 'flair and imaginative integrity' 'impressive physical and metaphysical agility' 'manages to embrace a spry, intellectual jokiness, without ever violating a sense of the immense gravity of the predicament'

The Independent

"Intriguing, inventive piece of theatre"

The Times