Play to Win

September, 2000
Written and directed by David KS Tse

When Paul de la Cruz is bullied at school, he finds little support from either absentee parents or the school authorities. So he starts making up survival rules for himself, playing out his own fantasies in computer games and martial arts. The Black Snake Triad offers Paul a chance to enact his fantasies for real, and he begins to spiral out of control. As the boundaries of fantasy and reality blur, what hope is there for Paul’s redemption?

Play To Win is a contemporary, accessible and thought-provoking story which shows the temptations and perils every adolescent faces in school today. Using trance music, martial arts (with Gold medallist Tom Wu) and digital technology, this action-packed production focuses on the demands of peer pressure, gang culture and most of all, the need to belong.

Sainsbury’s Checkout Theatre Winner 1999

Commissioned by Sainsbury’s Checkout Theatre – an initiative to encourage quality new theatre for the 10-14 age group.



September, 2000

Writer & Director David KS Tse


"fizzes with energy and physical invention... visually sparkling, morally robust and imaginatively adventurous... it will impress the sort of kids who take pride in being unimpressed"

The Times

"electrifying play... a cracking story... this compelling drama takes on adolescent angst in exhilarating and philosophical fashion"

Time Out

"exciting and impressive... the young cast are great"

The Guardian

"the young audience was riveted from start to finish... the play speaks their language and mines their culture without ever being patronising"

BBC Online

"it packs a punch!"

Manchester Evening News

"sharp direction, high voltage, high concept lighting and projection design... a wonderful celebration of how to find a sense of self-worth... the audience of kids were genuinely transfixed"

What's On

"an impressive and entertaining piece of multi-media theatre... carries a broad appeal... a sure-fire winner... imaginative and engaging theatre; the choreography is superb"

Theatreworld Internet Magazine

"high tech energy and humour - the fusion of technology and reality creates truly new, important and entertaining theatre"

West End Extra

"a thumping good show"

The Stage

Great projections and interaction with stage performers, notably Tom Wu's action scenes!

Audience Comment