Lear’s Daughters

November, 2003
By The Women’s Theatre Group and Elaine Feinstein
Directed by David K.S Tse

“When you are Queen, this will be yours. This will be our secret – just you and me – and you mustn’t tell.”

What happened to the three daughters of King Lear before they made their entrances in Shakespeare’s classic?

Once upon a time, there were three sisters locked in a room. Three girls missing their absent parents. Three young women discovering their power and destiny.

Two poor servants, a Nanny and the Fool, rule the nursery and share dark secrets. The Queen is buried amidst scandal and Lear plans to marry off the older sisters, keeping the youngest for himself.

This urban fairytale leads you through a merry maze of lust, love and jealousy. At times darkly comical, at times tragic, but always enthralling and compelling.

“Three princesses all grown older, thinking about their father and counting the cost”



Writers The Women's Theatre Group and Elaine Feinstein
Director David K.S Tse


"a magical world on stage in which an eldritch fable exists in a world of hi-tech sophistication"

The Guardian

"For helping to relieve the stifling boredom of this year's Canterbury Festival, thanks must go to director David K.S. Tse, Yellow Earth Theatre and the wonderfully competent cast which delivers such a flawless performance."

The Stage

"Director David K.S. Tse swings us giddily from comedy to darker material. A spirited and perceptive revival"

Time Out