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From Nikki Acquah : Acquahco are currently casting for a new play about love, public pressures and interracial dating, going to VAULT Festival in early 2019. Looking for South-East Asian male actors. Due to the show's exploration of racial identities and what it means to be white passing, we're particularly interested in hearing from white-passing SE Asian actors, or any SE Asian actor who identifies as such. The show utilises a lot of poetic writing, so being comfortable with spoken word is a must 🙂 It's a profit share production, going to London's biggest arts festival! To apply please email Many thanks! x'
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Yellow Earth TheatreTuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 10:43pm
The Goze (瞽女)were blind female storytellers and musicians who travelled the length and breadth of medieval Japan making a living from performing epic tales.

In FLIGHT PATHS, two blind women take centre stage sometimes on aerial silks, sometimes with their feet firmly on the ground but always surrounded by voices, music, stories and ghosts. From tradition to modernity they navigate the path of the migrant, itinerant artist weaving together personal stories of blind artists from Japan, Nigeria, the USA and Australia as they forge their careers.

FLIGHT PATHS is our first ever co-production with Extant, the UK's leading theatre company of visually impaired people. We are greatly privileged to be working with playwright Glen Neath (of THE RING and SEANCE fame), movement and aerial specialist Victoria Amedume from Upswing Aerial, surround-sound technologist Tarim and filmmaker Terry Braun.

Catch the show at Harlow Playhouse, Stratford Circus Arts Centre, The Lowry, Theatr Clwyd, CURVE theatre, Leicester, Albany Deptford and Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton.
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In case you are getting withdrawal symptoms and wondering where your next Yellow Earth Theatre fix is going to come from... we have two lovely new shows in production which will be touring in February and March 2019.

First up is FLIGHT PATHS (touring 5th February-5th March 2019).

And UNDER THE UMBRELLA (touring 2nd-30th March 2019).

We will keep you updated...