Homeward (House) Bound

Homeward (House) Bound

New Earth Theatre and HOME Manchester present Homeward (house) Bound A live, 15 min, one to one encounter on the phone with performance artist Stacy Makishi. Winter’s coming and surf’s up!Will there be a ‘Second Wave’? A second coming? A sequel? Homeward (house) Bound will help you couch-surf your way through the second wave, rip […]
Duck Rabbit

Duck Rabbit

Co-commissioned with Chinese Arts Now as part of CAN Festival 2021 Born around the turn of the 20th century, Chia Miau Lang in Singapore and Phyllis Carter in Lancaster are two women who knew nothing of each other and died long before their granddaughter was even a thought. Using photographs inherited from her parents, Pamela […]

Julie Tsang

“This professional writing programme with Yellow Earth Theatre is giving me the opportunity to create and share my work with BEA artists outside of Scotland. It allows the time and space to develop a play that connects me to my Chinese roots for which I am grateful for.” Julie Tsang is a writer from Glasgow. […]

Amy Ng

“I am very grateful to Yellow Earth for seed-commissioning my play on Thatcher in China, for the luxury of time (2 years development) and an experienced dramaturg, Caroline Jester, to give dramatic form to such a complex and ambitious subject. As an East Asian artist in Britain, it is imperative to have a theatrical community which […]

Joanne Lau

“I’d had an idea for a Chinese family drama brewing in the back of my brain for a while and when I saw this programme I leapt at the chance as I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to develop and tell this story. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part […]

Kyo Choi

“A writer’s life is ridden with doubt; about one’s talent, voice, originality and if the chosen subject matter is of interest to anyone but the writer. Being selected for this writing programme is something of a liberation for me, a validation that my writing has merit. I feel immensely supported by the group, by Yellow […]