Yellow Earth Theatre stands in solidarity with black communities – in the US, the UK and worldwide.

As a theatre company, for the past 25 years we have strived to challenge the status quo and champion the minority voices of East Asians living and working in this country. The recent events following the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minnesota have shaken us all to the core. The disproportionate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on communities of colour, including our own, has only highlighted in stark reality the need for real change in how we address structural racism and racial inequalities. 

We must also recognise the anti-Black racism that lives within our own families and communities and take this time to self reflect on these deep seated prejudices. We have a collective responsibility to take steps to combat this going forward by educating ourselves and creating safe spaces to hold each other to account.

None of us can continue to remain silent – we all must speak up against these injustices and work together to improve the lives of people of colour everywhere so that we can transform society to one free of racism and oppression.

Here are three resources that we have found in our learning so far, that speak to us about how we, as East Asians, can reflect on ourselves:
A Letter from a Yale Student to the Chinese American Community
Asian American Anit-Blackness Is Real – And So Is Our Responsibility To End It
from the Densho Project
Instagram Post by @monyeeart on changing her Black Lives Matter print
Although these organisations and artisits are based in the United States, they resonate with us as British East Asians.

On Twitter we will share other resources we find. We are committed to continue speaking up, sharing and learning to make sure that these protests are not in vain