Peter Pan to Amherst


Took the Peter Pan Bus up to Amherst via Springfield. After being hemmed in by a large American who chose to sit next to me out of all the spare seats available, promptly fell asleep and snored before thankfully debarking at Springfield (must be related to Homer) and  I had plenty of space for the last 2 hours.

Amherst is so picturesque but subzero temperatures.

Director and theatre maker; Mei Ann Teo has landed herself an amazing post as Asst. Professor at Hampshire College, one of the 5 New England Colleges and certainly the most experimental with students in effect choosing their own study paths. Acceptance into the college system is not results driven, they don’t take the usual grades into consideration when accessing students and perhaps not surprisingly the college has a very strong performing arts department. Took 2 of Mei Ann Teo’s classes – Contemporary Chinese Theatre and Staging the Gothic Novel (tutors are also allowed to create their own courses). Brilliant to meet and work with such a bunch of interesting, open and curious minded students.

Then Mei Ann and I contemplated Buddha in the snow at the New England Pagoda – an interesting and very American mix of Japanese, Thai and Chinese Buddhist practice followed by a delicious meal in the darkest restaurant ever.