Constellations Creative Drama Student Bursary 2013

Stanton CC award

The first ever recipient of the Constellations Creative Drama Student Bursary, Stanton Wright (formerly known as Daniel Stanton Wright; on the right in the photo above) was presented with his award at Dim Sum Nights 3 on 1 November by Kumiko Mendl and Orion Lee.

Awarded by Yellow Earth and provided by actor Orion Lee (Centre in the photo above), this bursary aims to encourage and promote greater participation and representation of East Asian actors on stage and screen. The bursary will ease the pathway for a British East Asian graduating student to professional actor by providing £1,000 towards Spotlight fees, headshots and similar expenses.

Stanton Wright commented, “As any Drama School student will know, training in London is a very expensive 3 years of your life, the final year more so – demanding additional costs for essentials such as headshots and Spotlight membership. Coming from a family with a low income, I can’t express how grateful I am to Yellow Earth for awarding me this bursary.”

We were impressed with all the candidates we saw and making a decision was not easy but Stanton’s obvious ability and passion for acting won through. We look forward to following his progress in the future and feel confident he will be a positive addition to the growing pool of talented BEA actors.

This news item was posted on:Wednesday, 22 May, 2013